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Benefits of working with us

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Making an impact

  • Be at the forefront of a global movement for sustainable development, by equipping young people with the necessary skills and tools to meaningfully contribute to the achievement of SDGs in their communities.

  • Work closely with a range of stakeholders, including some of the world's most influential leaders from business, academics, government, and civil society.

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Aspirations and Networks

  • Build professional and personal relationships with high-level stakeholders in civil society, business, government, and the United Nations.

  • Work with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development


Pathways to leadership

  • Attend high level domestic and international meetings and conferences and network with some of the most prominent figures in the SDG space.

  • Progress rapidly in a challenging but flexible, fulfilling and meaningful environment.


Team Culture

Flexible, remote working

  • The SDSN Youth Assembly (all SDSN Youth teams) consists of 120 staff: young professionals, students, academics.

  • Being a global network, spanning over 30 different countries around the world - most of us work remotely.

  • This provides us with a unique working experience - we are not limited to borders, nor timezones.

A team of passionate and driven young individuals

  • 94% of us are volunteers.

  • You’ll get to meet passionate young people from all over the world, from Turkey to South Korea, Australia to Nigeria, Mexico to Sweden.

Map of the SDSN Youth Assembly members

Map of the SDSN Youth Assembly members


Team Stories

Read about the experiences directly from our volunteers!


Buket Altınçelep, SDG Coordinator.

Ankara, Turkey. Turkey Network.

“If I had to describe my role in one word, it would be “change-maker ’’ who desires a change and, by gathering people, knowledge, and resources, makes that change happen.

I really believe that we need to consider the presence of the young population in today’s world, because it is necessary to provide young people with the education and support in the society in order to eliminate the visible as well as invisible obstacles that arise consciously or unconsciously - and in order to mobilize the youth, education and awareness is key.

We wanted to create a ‘youth-quake at TOBB University’. “


Dario Piselli, Project Lead.

Geneva, Switzerland (remote). Youth Solutions Team.

“I realized that despite my impression of this space being only for high-level and political discussions, that the core of entrepreneurship and innovation is to disrupt the status quo. We could help unlock the potential of millions of young entrepreneurs in the sustainable development space. Which is why we promote fundamental change in how our leaders perceive young people’s role in society. Young people don’t want to wait, they want to make change now.”


Areas of work at SDSN Youth

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How to Apply

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